2023 | personal project | Processing

AUDIO_player is a very simple software that randomly pitch-shifts audio files before reading them. I wrote the code in Processing, based on various sources and documentations found on internet.
It lacks many features to be a proper media player, like playlist management and being able to read other formats than .wav or .mp3. But the core feature of random pitch-shifting is working, which is the only thing that other media players like VLC or Foobar 2000 can't offer, and thus the primary reason why I wanted to build such a software.

I have perfect pitch, so when listening to a track I already know, even the slightest pitch deviation from the original tone can affect my listening experience, in a positive way.
With this audio player, I'm unable to predict the starting note of a song before playing it. This allows me to get new listening perspectives, probably nearer to what people without perfect pitch might experience.

Download the software and its source code