2023 | student project | Unity | 3 mounth production | 4 people team

O is an arcade rhythm game set in an immersive installation. With LED screens, speakers and joy-cons used as rackets, two players can engage in a rhythmic exchange, creating a dynamic sound and light show in the process. Just like a real tennis-game, you can either try to trick your partner or co-operate to see how far your can go together.

My main contribution to this project was the design of an interactive music system, getting more intense as an exchange lasts longer and changing its rhythm structure in real time based on players' inputs. Music being a central part of the game, this system was built in close collaboration with the game-designer. Another part of my mission was the creation of audio assets and their integration in Wwise.
I also had a great implication in the building and configuration of LED screens for this project.

Link to the game